Foundation for Medical Care of Kern and Santa Barbara Counties

Foundation for Medical Care of Kern & Santa Barbara Counties

More than 50 years ago, Foundation for Medical Care (FMC) began as a physician network organization offering third-party claims administration for Kern and Santa Barbara Counties. Today, Foundation is a full-service healthcare organization, providing healthcare services throughout California and across the nation.

The Foundation works directly with brokers, consultants, general agents and insurance companies to provide the most appropriate healthcare solutions. Unlike many of our competitors, who have a large national presence with multiple locations, Foundation for Medical Care concentrates our efforts in each of the communities we serve. We believe that healthcare is and should be locally based whenever possible and all of our programs and services support this philosophy. Our strong focus in our communities results in greater cooperation among all parties and thus, more effective management of all aspects of healthcare delivery.

The Foundation has long been known for outstanding commitment to our providers, employer groups and their employees by keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront of everything we do and say. Your needs are all handled at our local facility in Bakersfield, where our dedicated staff can meet your healthcare needs, answer questions, and resolve any issues you may be experiencing.


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